Multi-value filtering using search box

I’m looking to filter a user table using multiple, comma-separated email addresses entered into a search box.

Example: Original User Table

What I am trying to achieve
Table filtered based on comma-separated entry in search box

Additionally, I would like to filter it to only show Active users

I currently have this working for a single entry, but would like to know if this is possible for multiple email entries?

thisRow.[User Email] = [SearchBox 2] and thisRow.[User Status] = Active

Thanks, I appreciate any insights.

Hey @Catherine_Rendell! I think converting the email list to a select list, then using the filter bar here rather than a control would work a bit better. You can then dynamically filter based on emails and status:

If you need the column type to be a text or email type though, you could keep the column as is, and then add a second select list column (which you could hide if you want it out of view) that uses a formula like: thisrow.[User Email] to get those values as a select list to use in the filter bar, so the filter bar is a selectable list instead of a text search.

Thanks for the suggesting @Jasmine_B.

Unfortunately, I am trying to find a convenient way to search for a bulk list of emails from a large table.
Filtering using dynamic lists does work, but it still requires you to enter the emails one by one, which is what I am trying to avoid.


If you make a dummy sample doc and share it, it is easier to help you.
The filter formula in the user table should look something like:
[user Email].Contains(EmailTextbox.split(", ")) && [User Status].contains(active)

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Thanks @joost_mineur - posting a sample doc is a really great suggestion, I’ll be sure to do that in the future.

Thanks also for the formula, that has worked perfectly!

thanks both for your time.

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