Split filter by comma in column and search

Hello, I am trying to separate the content of a column based on commas and use each part as a distinct search value. For example, in the “Arbeidsstatus” column, if a survey respondent marked “Student, arbeidssøkende,” I want to enable the filter section to allow searching for either “Student” or “arbeidssøkende”.
… And then display it like this:

Is this possible, or something similar?

Thank you in advance coda community :slight_smile:

This is how it looks like in Filter.

Ideally, I want users to have the option to select multiple choices. However, if that’s not possible, I can make it so user only select one.

The approach that might work:

  1. Harvest the unique values in the “Arbeidsstatus” column to create a table of each items split by commas.
  2. Use that table as the select list.