Multiple Hierarchy

hello, i’m jensen, i’m using coda on daily basis
i used it for internal wiki, database & automation

i have a suggestion about the hierarchy system in coda

for now coda only have limited hierarchy
which is only can store document inside one folder,
and we can’t create folder inside folder

which is make it harder to grouping doc further into sub category,
multiple hierarchy will make it easier to organize doc,
at least some kind of divider label and indent to give clue of the subcategory

(for a knowledge base and internal wiki, this is important,
to make thing more organized, simpler and make us focus on the bigger picture)

and also, this is minor request, but
i think if coda have a navigator / outliner inside document
(header base navigator like in ms word),
it would be great,
because for a long page doc, having ability to jump into the specific section of the page quickly is important
(for a very long page, we have to scroll endlessly, and this is drain so much energy & attention)

for me, this is the only things coda lack that prevent it to become the perfect doc app,
but anything else, coda feature exceed my expectation
its a perfect tool for organizing all my data, get quick insight and see the big picture



+1, especially this :point_down:

I’d like to see as much as possible be given expandable/collapsible hierarchy functionality:

  • canvas
  • sidebar
  • tables
  • rows
  • content within cells
  • doc map
  • other

To address the endless scrolling over large and/or many tables (until we have a better solution), I’ve started including this simple “expand column” in large tables that I know I’ll be scrolling past often. It definitely reduces the drain on energy & attention:

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