Thanks Coda! Love the new hierarchy system

i never dreamt that coda will impliment a sub-Hierarchy system
thanks Coda team for implementing it

also i love the new feature , i really love Outline, which makes it easier for me to
explore a large document without having to scrolling

in the past Coda makes my laptop heat up like crazy and a bit heavy,
but the problem are now gone

in my experience, Coda is the Perfect Dream Doc and the Versataile one
i try many docs in the past, evernote, notion, bear, one note, dropbox paper
but none of the option above satisfy me, there always something lacking that become a dealbreaker,
also the dev team above seems like they don’t care much about the users,
it prevent me to use it as my primary docs

but coda is different, the team are user centric,
the feature that you guys add are the feature that users really want
that’s why i feel so aligned when using coda

thanks for working so hard to bring coda to life

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