My Zapier Hook is Triggering Twice - any thoughts?

I’m using a button that runs a Zapier Webhook. It appears to be triggering my Zap Twice and I’m very confused.

I did a test to see if there were other automations triggering the same webhook by adding a bodyParam only on the trigger with the button (“Coming From Button, True”) and both zaps have this.

Can’t figure out why this is happening.

Zapier issue, Coda issue, or Pack issue?

Hi @Joe_Kattan :blush: !

I won’t be able to help you there but I would suggest you to contact the Support with this (through Intercom by clicking on the big bold question mark (? ) which should be at the bottom right of your screen when you’re on Coda) :blush: !

I’ve reported a bug earlier for a “push button” button in a table being triggered at least twice with only one click and there is at least another topic (from earlier today) where other users have reported canvas buttons being triggered multiple times too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I can’t say that those different issues are related to one another but there seem to be some kind of a pattern here …

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Hi, Joe, this was a Coda issue. We inadvertently deployed some code that was occasionally allowing buttons to trigger their actions multiple times when you click on them. We’ve put in a fix, and it’ll go out with tomorrow’s release. Thanks for raising this!


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