Buttons in canvas triggered multiple times from a single click

Hello all !
I’ve already shared the problem with Coda support and currently waiting for an answer.

I’d just like to know if I’m not alone in this situation.
Recently one of my (big) docs started behaving strangely. Some buttons behaves as if they’re triggered multiple times with a single click.
It seems to happen whenever I access them from outside a modal. When I’m in the modal it works fine. But there are other causes, for example when I reference a specific column…

I’ve mitigated the problem by putting multiple checks in place, but I fear the problem might be hidden somewhere else.

Has it happened to any of you ?

I’ve created a minimal doc showing the problem. When clicking the BUGGY button, the counter will be increased twice, but not when clicking NOT BUGGY.

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Yes! I’ve just spent the last 2 hours trying to figure why my doc buttons are misbehaving suddenly, buttons triggering multiple times and views that I activate closing themselves

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Thank you Graham, I’ll keep you updated here on any progress then.

Was your doc also big/complex ?
My users or I must have made a change that triggered this because if I revert the doc to a version from 2 days ago, it behaves normally.

Yes my doc is big - but I have created a very small doc that also has weird behaviour, probably connected - and shared it with support. I can share it here if I can figure out how

Click on the “Create profile” button: weird behaving doc

Really looks like the same issue… Hope it will be resolved by Coda. I can’ t afford going back to an earlier version of my doc, so many hours would be wasted to recover all the last changes, fix cross doc imports etc…
Let’s wait for support then

Yes - I can’t go back to earlier versions - it is happening in all my doc versions going back at least the last 4 weeks

I just found out that changing value in my “Type” column and changing it back to its original value fix the problem. At least it fixes this problem in this minimal example but other behaviors in my original doc are still buggy.
This hint at corrupted data in multiple columns.

Hi, everyone. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention! This issue stemmed from a bug in our click handling code that was allowing button actions to occasionally run multiple times. We’ve put in a fix and will make sure the fix goes out with tomorrow’s release.


Thank you for the good news, it’s driving me crazy :sweat_smile:
I’ll be sure to update here if the problem is fixed on my part.

@Roger_Hu Any idea what the conditions are for this problem to occur ? Because the same button acts fine if I revert to an earlier version of the doc. Should I be worried something has “broken” inside my doc which today caused this problem but another day might cause something else ?

It’s still doing it as of 8:00am Eastern

This is still a problem for my doc.

We have the same issue, it’s not just button in canvas. It’s an issue when pushing look ups, it runs twice and push empty rows… It does it in all of our doc.

Can you let us know a time? Because we can’t work with coda today without it, it screws up all of our work. Thanks!

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same thing here, this is critical. Please fix asap

In the meantime, you can try to mitigate the issue by putting a checkbox somewhere. Turn it to checked when clicking the button but adding an If condition to prevent running actions if this particular checkbox is on (putting the condition in the ‘Disable if’ setting of the button will not prevent the multiple triggers).

Too much work for the whole doc but maybe that can help not loosing hours of work.

Something like :

  checkbox = true, 

    SetControlValue(checkbox, true),

    {your actions},

    SetControlValue(checkbox, false)
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Marc, the release usually happens around noon pacific time. I’ll post additional updates here as they come in.


+1 same problem. Having repeated transactions everywhere

Can you please let me know when it’s pushed. It’s a critical issue for us. Thanks

Could you try now @Marc_Fitt ? (after refreshing your doc) :blush:

I encountered that bug under a different form in one of my doc… but it now seems to be working as expected :crossed_fingers: