Need help making a detail view work with nested relationships

I have a rather complicated use case, and I need help on figuring out how to make this work. I am feeling like I’m doing this in an overly convoluted way, so I welcome suggestions on how to simplify this.

I have a bunch of cases I want to store in my doc. Each case consists of multiple subcases. Each subcase has a bunch of data (columns) associated with it. A subcase is either “normal”, or “special”. (Almost all of the subcases in my actual use case are normal.) Certain columns of all normal subcases within a case must be the same.

For example, in Case 1, I might have the following four subcases:

  • Normal subcase 1, with data: A, B, C, a, b, c
  • Normal subcase 2, with data: A, B, C, d, e, f
  • Special subcase 1, with data: D, E, F, g, h, i
  • Special subcase 2, with data: G, H, I, j, k, l

Note that Normal subcase 1 and Normal subcase 2 have the first three columns be identical. I want to enforce this to be always true for subcases of the same case.

I am currently solving this by having a table dedicated to holding the shared data, and a table dedicated to holding the case-specific data, as you can see in the document below.

However, this has an issue. I want to make a detail view so that people can easily view and edit the data of subcases within a project, and I can’t figure out how. See the “Detail view” page in the below doc.

I’ve tried using the “add related column” option, but that doesn’t allow editing the individual values. I could have an “open row” button, but that’s rather inconvenient and confusing.

Thus, I would like some advice on how to solve this problem. Thank you.

Anyone with any ideas?

Hi Tim,

I have the following question: do you have a fixed number of cases? Or do you want to be able over time to create new cases? Like a new project with standard tasks on the project?

If it is fixed, I would suggest a view per case, with the relevant columns displayed.

The latter is a little more complicated, depending on exactly what you need.

Thanks for the reply. There is a very large number of cases. Each case has a varying number of subcases. I also want to do some automation and statistics of cases. Therefore, creating one page per case won’t work for me.

Hi Tim,

The example doc you have given does not make sense to me.
Could you populate an example with real life data?