Need help with layout

In this expanded view of a row entry, he was able to apply different colors (black) on the top panel and the default white on the rest.

I wonder how that is done. I only see a few quick style options but none of them seem to do the trick.
Anyone knows?


Hello @Chen_Zhong!
Unfortunately, for now, we are limited to these quick styles, with no options to change the background color.

Here are the ones that have black sections in them if it helps
Quick Styles with Black

Edit: Updated the image. The previous, showed the wrong selection


Thanks for the reply!
So looks like the last quick style is the one I should be using to achieve what he was able to pull off in the video?


I’m sorry, I just tried and realized that the last quick style doesn’t really have a black section, my mistake. I updated the post with the right ones.

Getting back to your question, to accomplish what you see on the video, you use this style

Like this:
Black Layout


Thanks for this tip!
I think with layouts there is still a lot of room for improvement for Coda. The options for customization are pretty limited at the moment.


Thanks! I wish Coda could make it easier to edit what you eventually see, with quickstyles there seems to be some guesswork in what goes into the black panel and what does not.


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