Need to be able to set allow-popups for embeds iframe sandbox

Is there a way or a workaround to be able to set the “allow-popups” flag in the iframe sandbox property? Many embeddable pages need this to enable links that have target=_blank, such as the Google Drive embedded view. Without this flag, nothing in the embed is clickable and if you use devtools to add the flag to the iframe, everything works correctly and the links open in a new tab.

Perhaps as an option in the embed block or even added as an advanced property to the formula, eg. Embed(“url”, force: true, popups: true)

Any ideas?

I’ve had no problems embedding google drive files, can you give an example?

Google Drive is a good example because they have an “embedded view” page that allows you to browse files in a folder, which is not otherwise possible with other solutions, but this issue with the embed iframe applies to any embedded page that uses “target=_blank” in links, or otherwise opens links in a new window.

You’ll see in this demo doc that none of the links in this embedded Google Drive folder are clickable due to the sandbox restriction:

Again no need to globally enable it by default for everyone if there are different concerns about allowing popups in these embeds, but a toggle to allow links inside the embeds to open in new windows by setting the allow-popups flag in the iframe would be very useful.

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