Nested Tables missing functionality

When nesting a table inside of another table you lose the ability to delete a row by right clicking and you lose the ability to filter the table.

Here’s what I’m attempting to do:

A task is rarely just one small thing, it’s usually made up of smaller tasks, in order to deal with this I created a databaseSubtask table which I’m nesting inside of databaseTask.Subtasks like so:

When right clicking on the table you can’t delete a row. (Added delete button to fix the issue temporarily)

The databaseSubtask table has a column called “Larger task” which automatically finds which task is it’s parent by running databaseTasks.Lookup(Subtasks, thisRow).Name which populates the field automatically with the task’s name.

I want to filter out all tasks with no name or a Larger task that that doesn’t match the larger tasks row but it doesn’t allow me to, which means when I click on the plus it shows every single Subtask in the table:

(There would be an image here if new users were allowed multiple images)

I feel like I might be pushing the bounds of what Coda can do, this all became a problem when I realized there was no way to automatically expand Text values in the layouts to be text rich inputs similar to the “Table” switch for multi-selects.

Welcome there @Zachary_Comtois-Poissant!

At first it seems you could make databaseTask.Subtasks a Select List and filter it by [Larger task]=thisRow.

See the solution to this post if it helps:

Otherwise sharing your doc here makes it easier to members to help.

Second image:


I don’t know what that means. Doesn’t sound like a Coda error message. Is that something you typed out?

The only thing I can catch from that image is that you’re using Display view. You need to switch to Table view to filter the select list. See the referred post.

Sorry, I attempted to put two images into the first post but it told me I wasn’t allowed to on my first topic, so I replied to my own topic with an image which made it go into review to be posted whenever it was actually noticed by staff, after you had replied.

My problem is not with achieving the goal, I managed to make it work through a bunch of buttons, my problem is with the functionality to delete nested rows and the inability to filter nested tables.

You can not filter from the image I posted above. Lookup tables as entries like that are all or nothing and you can’t edit the formula the way you need to.

Try switching to Table view, then changing the column type to select list, then adding a formula for it. See this post: Value for new rows through Lookup column.