NEW: Password Generator Pack

:tada: Introducing My First Pack: Password Generator

Create secure passwords easily, quickly and without any risk!

Exciting news, everyone! I’m thrilled to announce the release of my very first pack: a Customizable Password Generator!

Why a Password Generator?

In a world where cybersecurity is increasingly important, having strong and unique passwords is crucial. There is already a pack to generate passwords, but unfortunately it is in French. Therefore, I decided to translate it and add some advanced functionality to it.

No connection to external networks

It’s worth mentioning that my Password Generator pack doesn’t connect to any external networks. Your data remains secure within your Coda documents, and there are no privacy concerns associated with using this pack.

Feedback Welcome!

As this is my first pack, I’m eager to hear your thoughts and feedback. Whether it’s suggestions for improvements, feature requests, or just sharing your experience using the pack, your input is invaluable to me.

I hope you’ll give the Password Generator pack a try and find it as helpful as I intended it to be.

Best regards


congrats with your first pack @Jannis , cheers, christiaan


Thank you! @Christiaan_Huizer

kind regards

Hello Janis,

Bravo pour ce super travail, le code est vraiment propre et les fonctionnalisées sont bien implémentées.
Good point on the documentation of the pack too and I’m sure your pack will meet with a lot of success.

Best regards,

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Well done! This is awesome!

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:raised_hands: Very nice, super easy to use!

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Hi @Thierryvm,

thank you for the compliments! I really appreciate your words.

Best regards

Thank you, @Troy_Larson!

Best regards

Thank you, @Micah_Lucero!

If there is anything you would improve, please let me know!

Best regards