Offboarded team members showing as selectable users

Hi All,

Setup: I have a shared workspace, and I manage access using the workspace-level “Members & groups” (instead of granting individual doc access). A column in one of my tables is a “People” type with the the option to select multiple team members.

Problem: When I was initially setting up this doc, I added some placeholder “team members” so I could verify functionality before opening it to my real team. I have moved these placeholder users to “offboarded members,” but they still show up in the list of selectable team members.

Is there a way to stop offboarded user names from displaying as selectable options?

Hi @Hunter_Ashmore1 , thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear that these offboarded people are showing up in your People column. You should now be able to right-click to remove them when viewing them in the drop-down as shown here:


If you aren’t able to remove them, please let us know so we can be sure to track this as a bug :+1:

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