Need Help: Changing Team member Column from Text to People broke the doc


I have a doc that we as a queue and it assigns tasks to team members based on allocation.

Yesterday our queue stopped populating team member tags which linked to individual docs. The operator helped me change the column with team member names from a text column to a people column to get the tagging back up and running.

New issue: Last night our allocation system/formula that tells our main queue to populate team members (based on work load) when a new row is added, stopped working. The tags work still, but nothing populates when you add a new row.

Main Questions:

  • Could changing the team member column from text to a people column have broken an allocation formula somewhere?
  • What can I do to ensure the proper formula is set up between the allocation and people column?
  • Could this be a capacity issue?

I’ve been waiting since 4:30pm PT yesterday for help, so anything would be great!

Dear @Ashley_Carroll, welcome to the community :handshake:

If you are okay with it to share a dummy copy of your doc, me or somebody else in the community will be able to try to debug it.

Otherwise I recommend to get back to for assistance