One form to fill different tables? Or connection different Forms in a row?

Hello, i have a questionnaire that is based on different tables. I would love to include all tables - one after the other into one single form. I did not find any solution yet.

More information:
During the questionnarie i ask for the input of some kategories i.e. the respondent can write individual input like: vegetable, fruits, meat etc.

These words are written into another table that works as a look-up table.

Next question would be, how do you rate (list from newly created table) vegetables, fruits, meat etc.

Or workaround: is there the possibility to create one form for each table, and then show each form, one after the other, to the respondent, he can answer the questions, maybe submit more information and then click: Next in order to get to next form of the whole questionnaire.

I will keep on trying and searching, but if anyone has a shortcut i would be very happy!!


Hello @Sebastian_Schleicher ,
I think you might want to rethink this approach. If users can input their choice of categories and the next user does the same, but slighly different, your table is going to be a mess. I would have your users make choice from existing categories. You can make a small form to add missing categories - they would be availeble in your form within a couple of minutes (time varies, typically a couple of minutes) upon a refresh.

If you want feedback on a variable number of categories - Coda is not really great for doing that, unless you decide there can only be so many categories per form.

You would probably have to use an automation to work on the collected data.

If you make and share a dummy doc, we can get a better idea of what you are looking for.


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