Optimise the Screen Estate by removing some of the bars

Guys, I appreciate the reasons why you insert these top and bottom bars but together with the browser and taskbar (on Windows) about 1/3 of the screen is not usable. This has been reported from almost every person that I have shared Coda docs with. They find it quite annoying and my only suggestion is to zoom out the window to 80% which is quite enough to work with on decent resolution laptop. On the iMac and MacBook it looks better but this is not comforting.

This is all that a user can read on a page with cover photo:

And this is all that a user can see with cards view:

It’s pretty tough to use especially with cards view because there are so many scrolls and with little screen space is just a gamble to get to the right card.

The most obvious suggestion is to remove either both or at least one among the top/bottom bars. Or make them auto-hidden or with closing button.

Also, smaller font sizes, please!


I would like to second, and also to be able to move the page title closer to the cover picture. The ability to tighten things up vertically would be nice for laptop/chromebook screens would be very nice. The white space is very pretty, but not always practical.


The size of cards view are waaay to big. If you have multiple groups, it looks like an infinite scroll to pass through all of them. Definitely they have to optimize space in several areas.


Have to agree!!!

I’m always using the browser zoom and Dev tools to remove unnecessary chrome so I can work with the canvas.