Output content from Canvas property via formula

Let’s imagine a situation in which we have a database that stores pre-prepared content from different blocks in the Canvas property. These can be all the same blocks that we use on regular pages. I have a task to use one of the sets of such content in the Canvas property as a template. I output this content from a specific database record using a formula. And this is where the problem occurs. The width of the content output through the formula is displayed as a narrow column instead of splitting the content by the width of the page or column. However, this technique could be used as a sync block to display the same rich content template on different pages.

You could have reference the canvas column from a table in a Grid cell and whatever you have in the canvas will show up in that cell.

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Yes, thanks for reminding me of this method, but it could be more flexible. Such a table does not adapt to the screen width, and a horizontal scroll bar appears when activating the sidebar or changing the window size. There is an alternative way to use the Details view. In it, you can choose to display navigation from the bottom, which solves the problem of adaptability to the screen width. But another problem appears - a large indentation at the top. I want to use the ability to display content from the Canvas property exactly through a formula because it allows displaying information almost anywhere and, most importantly, designing useful interactivity based on it. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion; it’s a pity that the desired way looks like a bug in Coda at the moment.

Experimentally found out that the problem is solved in two ways:

  1. Place the image in Canvas with maximum width
  2. Print a long string of characters exceeding or equal to the screen width.
    Then, in this case, the content from the Canvas displayed through the formula is displayed at full width.
    That is, the output width depends on the text string’s length or the image’s maximum width. I have not found any other dependencies.

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