Pack descriptions now shown in columns

Hello Pack Makers,

I wanted to let you know about a small update to how descriptions in Packs are being used by Coda. Object schema properties have an optional description field that can be used to provide extra information about the property. This is shown in the formula editor when you inspect or autocomplete the property.

We recently added the ability for doc makers to add descriptions to columns, and thought this would be a great place to surface descriptions from Packs as well. Now if you create a column from a schema property (either in a sync table or from a column format) the property’s description will be used to populate the column description.

Doc makers are free to edit or remove those column descriptions, as the property description is only used for the initial value. Setting good property descriptions was always useful, but even more so now that they are surfaced in this way.

You can read more about object schema property descriptions in the Pack SDK documentation:


Love love love

Now can someone go into all my packs and set descriptions on every one of my sync table schemas???

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Sounds like a job for Coda AI!

Actually. That might work.

Almost all my Packs have the description already populated, shame on you!