Page-Styling in the Canvas Column

I love the elegant Serif-font and page-width options that Coda offers. I also love the canvas column. I would be ecstatic if the two could be combined!

My suggestion would be either (or both) of the following:

  1. The page options include a toggle for applying the font-stylings to the tables within the page, including all columns to those tables. This would be a subtle yet significant change to Coda’s UI by improving the continuity of styling.
  2. The options within a Canvas column include the same thing found in the layout-field at the top of pages, with various width options, and with the Serif/Sans toggle included there if not found in the page options, as in option 1.

Personally, I love the way the page looks and feels when in Serif font and narrow width when writing long-form such as for articles or journal entries. Of course, such things make a lot more sense as part of a table than as pages, from an organisational point of view. Currently I will sometimes write in a page and copy/paste to a table when I’m done. To have the same writing experience within an opened-up table row as in a page would be a beautiful thing.