Parent (Source) Documents in Coda: A Solution for Repetitive Logic Across Multiple Docs

Hello Coda Community,

I’d like to propose a feature that would significantly improve our workflow and the convenience of using Coda.

The Problem:
Our team of developers heavily depends on Coda for our operations. Each developer within our team has their individual document, yet the fundamental logic of these documents remains consistent. The challenge arises when we need to implement changes. As of now, when we decide to make any modifications, we find ourselves manually updating 5-10 individual documents. Despite the common logic in these documents, the only variations lie in specific details like projects, associated tasks, Webhook Api tokens, Webhook URLs, and the user details.

A Proposed Solution:
It would be immensely helpful if Coda could introduce the concept of a “Source” or Parent Document. This parent document would define the core logic, while the subsequent ‘child’ documents or inheriting documents contain specific and varied data.

Whenever changes are made to the parent document – be it formulas, button functionalities, table formatting, etc. – these modifications would automatically reflect across all inheriting child documents.

This feature would not only save time and reduce redundancy but also ensures consistency across all associated documents, enhancing overall productivity and user experience.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I believe many developers and teams with similar workflows would benefit immensely from this feature.