Password Vault how to create one?

Hi. I’m trying to set up a Password Vault of sorts. I’m currently on the Pro Plan.

The use case are as follows:
(1) This is for storing passwords or sensitive information. An employee should not be able to see another employee’s important information
(2) I thought I could use the User() filter for this but don’t know how to fully do it.

If you have any solutions I would be very grateful to know!

hi @Jake_Nguyen ,

this video from @Paul_Danyliuk : [Video] User-specific filters (each person tweaks controls independently) may show you the way out.

best, Christiaan


@Christiaan_Huizer already linked you resources that you need for making a Vault, BUT if there are really sensitive passwords and information I would rather avoid using Coda for it (although you could totally make it by using user() filter etc.) and use tools like 1Password or something similar, as Coda isn’t really built for that types of use-cases and doesn’t have “bulletproof” security.

That said you can totally make a password Vault in Coda doc, we have something similar in our company docs, but the difference is only Admins can access that doc, its more like their internal knowledge hub for helping other employees, so its not open to all users.

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hi @Marko_Petrovic

I agree with you, Coda is not designed to save passwords. My contribution was to show how to set up userrights since I came accross the issue myself.

On top I am afraid that using Coda to share company sensitive information might not be a good idea seen how easily one can copy a doc and since any new owner has access to all information (hidden pages, formulas etc) . Therefore I use Coda with my clients, they get access to information that is about their activity.

best, Christiaan