PDF creation has problems

I have posted this in another thread, but I do believe it should be posted in this section.

I am experiencing export to .pdf problems. Copy that used to fit easily on a single (A4) size page is now creating a two page .pdf (2nd page being completely blank).
For the .pdf documents I have to produce, in particular when including sub pages, this creates a serious problem, because there are blank pages all over the exported .pdf.

I tried different things but can’t correct the situation. I do get the feeling that large top and bottom margins are introduced (exported) that create this problem (and I also see left and right margin issues). The only way to fix it at this point in time is to seriously decrease my page length (which is not really an option).

Would you please (have the developers) take an extra look at this?

Thank you,
Greetings, Joost


Hi @joost_mineur , thank you for reporting this.
This bug has been reported in our internal tracker, the team is working on fixing this issue.

I will keep you posted.


Hi @joost_mineur ,

This issue should be fixed now.



Hello Jezus,

I can confirm it is fixed - I really appreciate your effort: thank you.


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