Permissions and hiding sections

Hi! I was wondering if it’s possible to hide some sections of the document only to specific users.
I mean, is it possible to give access only to a section of my document hiding the rest?
Our team would be very happy to use this function if possible.

For example is it possible to hide everything except Stand-by section only for a user?

Hi @Grafica_Migliore,

Although you can’t create an explicit exclusion list (“everybody but…”) you can achieve a similar behaviour by:

  1. Hiding the pages you don’t want to share and then - in the Locking section (:gear: gear icon on top right, then Locking), you change access control for all pages to “interact only”.
  2. Adding editors that can temporarily override page configuration and unhide sections in Settings/Doc Admins (still in locking section).

I hope this helps.


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