Personal Time Sheet Template


I tossed this together because I wasn’t happy with the time sheet I have in Excel. Just a simple time sheet for people that have flex time and/or overtime at work.


Time Sheet Template


@Thomas_M, Thanks sharing your work, always open to learn :+1:

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No problem! I wouldn’t mind any suggestions that you might have, either!


Hi Thomas, quite impressive how you designed the structure :railway_track: to reach the final result. :stars:

There is something wrong with the difference column.
I assume that the number needs to be converted to minutes.
For example when I see that I have 30 minutes difference, it displays 0.50 what means 1/2 hours = 30 minutes. :bulb:

This on a mobile app would be a great tool for small companies :sparkles:

There are interesting IF statements, something I am trying to catch up with.

Thanks sharing the template


Yes, the difference column is on purpose since most payroll departments don’t need to see the hours and minutes, but rather the hours and the decimals. :slight_smile:


Hi @Thomas_M - would you mind going into google drive and changing the sharing settings to - anyone with a link can view. I want to take a look but don’t have access.


Sure! That makes my life easier.