Please add Text Alignment for Columns (Left, Right, Center)

Can we have the ability to align text? I would like to align some text to the right for visual reasons but cannot

here is what I want


Here ius what we have



second this. Tables look so much prettier and readable when we can have consistent alignment.

Since we’re talking about aligning things, I also drop a suggestion to allow to center vertically within each cell.

Here’s an example. Left is current alignment of a button, image and text. On the right is a quick fix after aligning everything vertically.

Regarding the original request @Colin_Nickerson, you can do this in formula columns with this trick:

  1. Create a template like this:

  2. Use it in a format like this:

      "Your text"


Now, my feature request would be to be able to force column headers (names) to the right. So far only numerics are right-aligned but sometimes I want to do numeric-like values like that also right-aligned.

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