How to Center Text?

Hi, I’m trying out Coda and really liking it so far, but I can’t find some commands like centering items and text in cells. Little help? I feel like I should have seen it, but I can’t fathom that there wouldn’t be a center option somewhere.

(*I know you can’t (yet?) middle align a cell, I’m trying to center the text in respect to the horizontal borders.)

Hi Stephen,

That functionality is not available yet. In a table cell you could do it using formulas.

At the moment Coda is still in the function over form stage. But the form is catching up quite quickly lately.


I see. Do you happen to have a link or info on how to do it with formulas? I’m still learning how the syntax works, if there can be multiple lines in the editor, etc.

Hi Stephen

here is an example, also pointing out the fact that Coda does not have the concept of a column width, which makes this a little tricky.


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