Please help me understand this inconsistent behavior between linked tables


I’m new to Coda and I’m trying to use linked tables to manage items of different brands and models. When testing, I found this weird behavior when adding new rows in my Item Database. Basically, the newly added models will not show up in the Brand Database and Model Database with the correct brand. After entering a few more entries, the problem goes away on its own, but I just can’t figure out what’s going on here and how to fix it.

Please take a look at my doc and help me figure out what the problem is. Thank you.

Here is my doc:

In the doc, I only added rows in the Item Database. As you can see, the first five entries all result in the models being put under the incorrect brands (or no brand at all). Starting with row 6, the problem simply goes away.

Hey and welcome John!
I’m afraid the doc isn’t shared, it looks like this for us

Click Share top right and give view permission :slight_smile:


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Done. Thanks for the reminder!

Was this already solved? I just played around in the doc a little but everything I do is instantly edited and viewable in the other table.