Populating rows with another table

I am sure that this one is crazy basic, yet for some reason I can’t figure it out.

I am trying have the 3rd table rows populate with categories, one per row, not all the values repeated per row. Here is an examples file:

I know I could simply pull in those values in the first table again—but I would like to have a separate table to build a workflow for new users.


This is the Summary Table?

Isn’t that what you’ve got going here?

I imagine not, which is why you’ve posted … so what would you like to see here?

Basically have one category per row, vs all 3

@Robin_Bigio : Something like this ? :blush:

If yes, you just need to create a simple lookup from your Categories Table to your Summary (there’s no need for a formula there) :blush: … And then select a category per row …

Hope this helps :blush:

OK then the solution is to remove the third table and merge the results into your first. Since you want to know the sum of the values per category, the best place for this is in the originating Categories Table.

Create a column Value Sum and set it equal to:
[Items Table].filter([Assigned Category]=thisrow).[value].sum()