Possible to perform an action or check condition after a timeout?

I have an automation that triggers when a row changes. Before it executes an action, it checks if a checkbox is checked in the changed row.

Sometimes, when my team adds a new row, they accidentally check the checkbox, then quickly uncheck it. I don’t want the automation to fire in that case.

I’d like the automation to continue if the checkbox is checked a minute after the row is changed. Is that possible?

Here’s some pseudocode of the desired automation:

  1. When
    This rule is triggered when column isChecked is changed in table Foo. Returns Step 1 Result.

  2. If
    If condition is true, the rule continues to the next step, where
    condition = wait one minute, then check: Step 1 Result.isChecked

  3. Then do something

hi @DSB

what about an approach like below:

the 'if( (strange wording of Coda by the way) could be something like this with an extra condition of the checkbox

does this help or do I miss the point?

Cheers, Christiaan


you can use _Delay( <whatever you want to do> , 60000)

which will delay the execution of the <whatever you want to do> code for 60000 milliseconds, which is 1 minute


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@Xyzor_Max thank you! Exactly what I was looking for.

@DSB, i should point out that _Delay() is an ‘unsupported’ function, not documented in the formula list, and not yet officially released.


but it does work reliably and does not seem to carry any risk (unless you provide a HUGE delay value, i guess).

i have been using it for a while now with no ill effects.

but perhaps the Codans who keep an eye on things here might have other opinions on this.


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