[Potential Bug] List of Lists always has an unknown type, making named formulas outputting them near unworkable

I’ve run into the issue where if I create a named formula (A) that outputs a list of lists, the value inside the lists is unknown. If I then use the formula in other formulas, both auto completion and manual typing (with [ / ]) of variables doesn’t work.

Is this a known issue? Is there a way around it?
I.e.: does Coda allow forcing a type if you know it (casting)?

Reproduction Steps

  • Create 3 tables, each with a Name, and Reference value that references the next Table, like so:

  • Create a named formula “Test 1” that outputs a List of Lists, e.g.: A.Reference.Reference
  • Observe that the description of this formula is: “A formula. Outputs a list of lists of unknown values”.
  • Observe that you cannot use any autocompletion on the values inside this list.
  • Observe that if you copy-paste formula “A” inside the new formula, create a correct formula using it, and then replace the copy-pasted part by “A”, or A.Value, the formula is still incorrect. E.g.:
    • Does not work: “[Test 1].FormulaMap(CurrentValue.Filter(CurrentValue.Name =“Q”))”.
    • Does work: “A.Reference.Reference.FormulaMap(CurrentValue.Filter(CurrentValue.Name =“Q”))”

Expected Behavior

In order of preference:

  1. If I create a list of lists which are based on a single type column, the type for the list of lists should be known.
  2. If I know the type, I should be able to cast it to that type if Coda doesn’t know the type.
  3. If I know a variable exists on a type, I should be able to force using it even if auto-completion doesn’t work. (I suspect that this should be possible)