Pre-filling a form based off a row where a button is pressed

Looking for some advice.

I have a meeting notes table, where I can automatically send meeting notes to all attendees. I would like to attach a link to the meeting notes (was going to use another canvas tab and concatenate that with the meeting notes to format something pretty) that opens up a survey. All of that is fairly self-explanatory.

The tricky part: how would the form link I send auto-fill the client based off of the row in the meetings which has the client column? And furthermore, how would I attach the survey results back to the meeting, if and when they fill it out?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. CODA rocks

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Hey there!

This video should likely get you across the finish line. Let me know if you have more questions


Thank you for the great tutorial Scott!

Thanks Scott! Love your stuff.
This is a bit complicated for my current taste/current ability but I’ll plug away and try it out.