Survey Database

Does anyone knows ways to build automated surveys in next circumstances :
Table 1 - team members
Table 2 - questions
Table 3 - answers: every answer of every team member should be saved to own row

I need to run somehow the survey so every team member answers every question and I will get the Table 3 filled.

I can’t use coda forms because I don’t keep questions as columns (this is periodical Bus Factor survey with tens of questions that can be extended from period to period)

Maybe some chatbot solutions can help - chatbot via API iterates through table, gets question by question, asks user and saves answer via API? Or may be there is some script that makes temporary transposed table to allow to use coda form and then puts data back to original table?

Thanks in advance)


Hi there! I am building a template for exactly this purpose!

Can you tell me what kind of inputs do you need? (Single choice, multiple choice, write, upload… etc.)

Also do you need any logic that depends on the answers or it’s just a fixed list and order of questions?

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For now my questions suppose numbers as answers - it’s a bus factor report - people rate their knowledge. Slider is more convenient way, but simple digit input is ok too

Do they input the number of the bus and then rate it or is the bus already preselected?

They need just to answer with number from 0 to Х depending on the question: just put the number to the field or move the slider to necessary value

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