Prevent viewer (not logged in) from going to next page until done

Hi, I make tutorials to teach coding, Tableau, electronics and many other things.
E.g. here’s a project (designed to take about 25 hrs) for students to learn Tableau: Intro (Unit 1) · Publish a Data-driven Blog Article

Audience is primarily high school students, who often don’t read all of the instructions and may skip steps.

Right now, with a regular published Coda page, there’s no way I can think of that makes sure that kids are actually doing all of the steps. They are free to go to the next page even if they’re not done (which will probably cause them lots of pain later on).

I’m trying to make it so that they cannot skip steps.

I would like them to click some kind of button or something that acknowledges that they’ve finished the task or that their teacher has given them feedback and checked them off before moving on.

These kids don’t have Coda accounts (why would they? Most schools would have never heard of Coda).


(You might be wondering why we’re using Coda for this purpose? We’re slowly building our dev team so that we could eventually make our own delivery and assessment platform, but we’re not there yet. There are some other platforms like Thinkific that we’ve tried, but they don’t have good teacher dashboards for school settings, and have a really shitty editor interface.)

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I’ve used Coda a ton in the educational setting and here’s a trick you can rely upon:

  • At the bottom of each page have a button that says “Next”. For bonus points you can put a very large arrow on the button using an imageURL with the image() formula
  • That button will navigate to the “next page” whatever that may be using a formula like: openWindow(nextPage.objectLink())
  • In order for this to actually work, you need to hide every single page except the home page and then when publishing select “Show pages in top-Nav”

Make your next button really pretty with an arrow like I have in my Airtable Automation Error Guide:

  • Have a back button as well so from each page (except the first page) a student can go either forward or back

Have each page include a completion password that can be entered on your home page so that if users log out, and log back in later they can skip ahead towards pages. How you do this is have a button on your home page conditionally open different pages of your document depending on which password they inputted using a switch() formula. Heres a screenshot of a similar setup I have in another doc

:tada: If you need any more help I’m always sharing tons of tips and tricks on my youtube channel and on twitter! :tada:

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