Previously created doc can't use table's "above new row button" label

I ran into an issue where I’m trying to use the “above new row button” feature in a copied doc that was created a few months ago.

  • I can add the “above new row button” to my table, but…
  • I’m unable to make the buttons label visible.

Here’s a quick video showing what that looks like.

Would be great if this worked for docs created previously so I don’t have to rebuild the template doc from scratch just to get this feature working!

This is definitely a bug but I don’t think it’s tied to the fact that the doc is copied. I just tested this out in a doc that I copied from a template last week and it is working.

In the screenshot the table appeared empty, is that actually the case? If so, maybe copying, deleting, then pasting the table will work around the bug?