Print Barcodes (or any data, really) onto Labels (i.e., mail merge to Word doc)

I’ve built an inventory system for a client using the Barcode/QR pack (woohoo!), and I need to print those barcodes on some labels. The client has bought some Avery labels which come with a Word template:

So the challenge is to get the barcode + another field sent to this template in Word so I can print about 200 labels.

Typically when I print labels, I pull the data down into an Excel spreadsheet and run a traditional mail merge to Word. I can do this with a quick copy/paste from Coda, so not a big deal and pretty easy. (See below for update on this.) But I’d love to do this directly from the system if possible.

I understand this isn’t native, but I’m wondering if there are creative ideas for how to do this…

(Honestly, I’m not sure how useful the Barcode pack is without this functionality - what else are you supposed to do with barcodes, if not print them on stuff???)

Anyways, would appreciate thoughts or ideas…

And because I’m guessing this will come up - I know I can pull data into Google Docs, but Google doesn’t have mail merge functionality (or it requires an add-on, and the company I’m building this before has privacy concerns, so that’s not an option, merp).

UPDATE: Doesn’t actually look like just pasting the data into Excel and running the mail merge like normal works after all. The bar code image pastes fine into Excel but doesn’t make it from Excel to Word.

This essentially renders the pack useless if I can’t actually print the labels… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Hi @Kelly_Claus,
I’m afraid you can’t have a specific labels print template.

However, you do can print labels if you set the card view and export the page into a PDF.
Let me know if this is a viable solution for you.

Hi @Federico_Stefanato thanks - unfortunately I don’t think will work in this instance - the labels they’ve bought are pre-cut to a specific size (like most labels), so the printing needs to fit in those dimensions. The only alternative would be printing on a full-sheet label and then cutting them out by hand (ugh).

This seems like a pretty big gap in functionality, doesn’t it? Why go to the trouble of creating a barcode integration if you can’t print the barcodes you create?

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Hi @Kelly_Claus,
I certainly understand your point.

In fact, there are several use-cases where a digital-only code would perfectly work in all those contexts where you have tablet displays (e.g. shops, e-ink price tags, receptions, exhibitions).

Nonetheless, you can actually print those codes in PDF.

Yes, not ideal, but I can’t see any alternative, so far.

As Avery comes also with PDF templates, playing around and seeing if the PFD export matches some of the existing ones is what I’d do.

Let us know if you find other more efficient solutions.


Ignore Coda’s barcode feature and instead use a barcode font?

This page has instructions for Excel but you would actually probably just set up the barcode font in Word for that particular mail merge field


And this is a great idea! :+1:t2:

Innnnteresting… Okay I’ll look into this. Bummer this limitation exists in Coda. :confused: Thanks for your help!