Project Management Template - How to exclude some info in columns

Hi Everyone ! I’m working on a Project Management Template for a small agency. I think Coda would be great to give everyone a view of all their tasks by project and allow the PM to have a great overview.

But crucially, if I need a task to start which does not have a dependency I can not manually put a date in there. Not all tasks have a dependency. I’ve tried to adapt the formula but I do not know how to exclude one item in a list.

I’ve now managed to set up the first row to link to a kick off date and also managed to pull in the dates for the tasks with no dependencies, but I’m not sure how to pull in the dates for all the other tasks which do have dependencies without deleting the No Dep formula.

My only solution I think is putting in each task in the formula but that doesn’t make the template very flexible if I want to use it across different projects.

Does anyone have any solutions? I’m pretty new to Coda just started using it a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been reviewing the youtube videos.

Please see image