Project Task Automation & Gnattt Chart

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to set-up a table & Gnatt chart where it automatically assigns a certain set of tasks every time a new project is created? Then adding a due date formula based on the project end date?

For example: we run a company that puts on events where we need to make sure the same set of tasks are completed in advance of the event date. I would like to automate that process so that every time I create a new event in main table, I would like it to automatically assign tasks and due dates then also have a Gnatt chart showing the steps up until the event date.

Thank you!

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Dear @Gillian_Raikes, welcome to the community :handshake:

For sure it’s possible with the use of buttons to move certain information from one table to another table and creating a Gantt chart view from it should also not be a problem.

Instead of us guessing how you see your project, I recommend to share a basic structure in a dummy doc and explain your expected result.

Looking forward to help you out :building_construction: