Protect entire column of data from user error?

Somehow while working in a table and editing text in a field, I managed to actually delete all the info in the entire column.

I actually think I remember what happened: I was editing a cell, my phone rang…and I think from there while talking I mistakenly selected the entire column and deleted all the text.

Good news: It was a small number of rows, and I was able to use doc history to restore all the data.

But my question is this: Is there a way to protect an entire column of data from this kind of accidental deletion while also retaining the ability to edit individual cells?

Many thanks, Gregg

Have you tried hiding the editable column and creating a function-based column that is displayed in its place? The function-based column could have the equation…


You could then create a button that opens the row to a view with the editable column displayed wherein users can edit those values.

Just a thought.

This is a very interesting (and simple!) idea. I had sort of thought about the same idea, but didn’t see a path for doing it. You’ve provided that, thank you!

I have to say I did also imagine some kind of popup confirmation warning when trying to delete an entire column of data: Are you sure? Y/N

Thank you again…

Of course! I believe I got this idea from someone else in the community. I have similar issues in my docs, so happy to pass along the great guidance I’ve received.