Question about Coda notificaitons from a Notion user

I love Notion, but I find its limited alerts frustrating. Unless I am mistaken, there is no way to customize notifications in any meaningful way. They are pretty much a binary.

Case in point: I don’t want to receive notifications for a completed task, yet Notion still gives me them. Ideally, it would be smart enough to recognize status as complete and see no need to alert me. Removing the task due date in the database seems extreme. Ditto for removing myself as a responsible party.

I’m thinking of switching to Coda for future projects.

Hi Phil,

Welcome to the community! I am an ex Notion user. I used both Notion and Coda for a while. But when u wanted to do something serious one day, I struggled in Notion, turned to Coda, and got it done with no struggle at all. If I remember correctly, one of the frustrations was with the Boolean logic for filtering. Coda has got that down pat.

Another area I encourage you to look at is Packs. It is the functionality that Coda a had created to enable low code extensions to Coda. It allows you to create new additional formulas, pre-configured buttons and integrations with other websites through API s. There are a large number of packs that have already been created. This is an extremely large competitive advantage that Coda has.

The canvas column is another feature that is extremely powerful. It is similar to, but very different from the way that Notion pages and tables integrate.

Other new topics that you could have a look at are the embedded and sync pages, as well as the AI implementation.

It’s just a ramble,
Rambling Pete

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