Quick create: Generic URL for new record

While there is no Android app or widgets to quickly create a record, it would be great to be able to create a browser shortcut in your homescreen that will instantly take you to a blank form where you can fill your values and add a new record. This is really optimal for any productivity table like ToDos, events or notes while you are on the run.

Currently, when you press new, it will take you to a specific URL of an already created record (even though it’s empty). So that link is no good because it will always take you to that specific record.


I like the idea, but there could be something similar but funnier : buttons widgets :grin:
I would love to extract buttons on my phone for quick entry.

Yes, even better. But I guess that would require a native Android app and who knows how far along that is. Meanwhile, this URL trick could work just fine. And it would benefit desktop users as well, so they can create desktops shortcuts, menus, widgets and what not… that’s the beauty of a generic link.

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