Quick way to get many columns into a webhook

Ok so here is the challenge I face: I have a really wide Coda table with many columns that I want to put into a webhook to send out to another system. I feel sad when I think of having to write the world’s largest concatenate formulate to create the Webhook URL so does anyone have a clever suggestion about how to construct this URL that won’t involve me manually naming each column in a concatenate formula?


Hey @Jarred_Cinman

This is a tough one, but I would say maybe if you add a column that does the heavy lift for you, then have the webhook just referenced that one column with the auto populated Concatenate data? That might work? Hard to say with out seeing the doc, but I’ve seen it done like that before. Just pull all the data you want in that one column, then if you need to split it you can split it with that formula.

Hopefully that helps!


hi @Jarred_Cinman

I created this pack (for free) that allows you to select the columns in the table , however there is not a function that prefills all columns, you have to select all columns and if you have many, well then you have a bit of work.

the idea to prefill already the pack with all columns is something I’ll consider, but can’t promise to make it work.

Cheers, Christiaan


In the end I just white knuckled this and referenced all the columns. Painful!

hi @Jarred_Cinman , I feel your pain.

We asked Coda to add more capabilities to the pack studio to overcome this issue. I did not check if they already integrated this feature.

Anyway I believe that in the end it is up to Coda to solve these issues with one and two way sync. Packs that fix Coda issues - like this one - should become redundant over time.

Cheers, Christiaan

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