Representing a simple state diagram?

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering if there’s a way, or someone’s found a clever solution, to display a simple state diagram in Coda. Something like boxes that can have links to other boxes with text in them. This would be really useful to export so we could create FSMs with ease.

As it turned out recently it’s possible, just have to code the drawing algorithm yourself.

Here’s the closest thing and an example:

Note that the image is generated from the table, so it responds to changes in the table, but the image itself is not interactive (i.e. you cannot connect nodes or drag them around visually — you need to change their properties in the table)

Wow, that’s really impressive Paul! The format is so clean and understandable.

Would you be fine if we used/modified it?

Absolutely — do whatever you want with it, it’s a sample for everyone to learn from.

P.S. And welcome to the community!