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Hi, I’m looking for an automatic method to pull data into Coda tables from a software platform (Projector PSA) that uses RESTful web services. The software platform allows you to configure reports that automatically update daily or when update when rerun manually. The report data is available in a number of formats (xlsm, mdb, csv, xml, json, and jsonp). Each report created is accessible via a unique link for each report and the link stays the same when the report is updated. Authentication takes place with an authorization token in the url. (If you need more details, here’s the help page about how these reports work: Report Web Services)

I’ve got multiple reports I’d like to bring into Coda as tables. Each report would have a table that reflects the report output. The tables would update daily (since the report is updated daily). After trying a number of formulas, reading past posts, and reviewing help documentation, I’m not seeing a simple method to do this.

Is there a method to use REST GET to create/update tables that doesn’t involve me creating my own pack?

Is there a reason you don’t want to do a pack?

It could be a rather simple 1 hour setup … . .

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Hi Scott- Other than hoping that there might be a simpler or pre-existing solution, I don’t have a particular reason to avoid creating a new pack.

Based on your response, it seems that there might not be an easy alternate method available, so I’ll proceed down the pack route. Sync table documentation appears to be pretty comprehensive, but I’ll circle back if any I encounter any issues.

Please circle back if you need any help! Happy to assist. It should be, from what you shared, a rather simple set up

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