Review edits done by the editors?

I have a big table of images that need to be catalogued: tags, year of publication, description, etc. There are few editors assigned to the task.


  1. Have a simple way to list and review the edits done by the editors and eventually approve them (clear them from the list).
    It should be granular if possible: If John adds the tag “banana” to a list of tags of a particular item, I should be able to see which tag he has added.

  2. The editor should be allowed to edit only certain columns, in order to avoid any chance to disrupt the delicate architecture of the table. (I bet this is a feature already requested eheh )

Do you have any general idea how I can work this out?
I need some broad direction, thanks!


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Dear @Andr

+1 :+1: when made native available in Coda

Maybe this post is of your interest for the time being:

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