Rich text column type


It could be a new column type in itself, or just a formatting option of the existing Text column. But the idea would be to have multiline text box with as many options in a toolbar (like the one you have on top a created Section). This is particularly nice for when you expand the row and get the form layout where you could basically include some kind of Wiki in there (not just database fields, like Text which is way too basic for that)

Like for example, Notion takes this one step further and pretty much any record can be a page in itself. So you can keep drilling to write further pages on any row you need to. I guess that is a structural feature, but it would be great to at least write a rich text on any record if I wanted to.

Is there a way to use a regular return or enter instead of "shift enter" when typing multiple paragraphs into a single text field?
Multiline text boxes in layouts

+1 I feel this might also solve a couple of minor irritations with writing long form content within cells at the moment, including:

  • Lack of easy accessibility to toolbar from modals (meaning you’re reliant on keyboard shortcuts)
  • Forced use of Ctrl+Enter/Shift+Enter instead of being able to just create new lines the expected way
  • (Possibly) being able to define input point from outside of a cell, rather than being scrolled to the top when you select a long form text entry and having to move back down to find your place
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I just have wanted it since two days ago, when I tried to make some notes in Coda. Now the existing text column is, as you say, not good for writing long words. Always need Ctrl+Ender to make new lines. But compatiblity with the existing text column might be a problem?


+1 on holding the UI still when selecting a cell (i.e., reducing UI “jumpiness”). :point_down:

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