Run a function on "instantiation"


Maybe this is possible, more likely this is a feature request.
I want to create a Template section (say its the template for a weekly meeting notes). I want the workflow to be that the template forms the basis of a new section for each week’s notes.
At the top of the Template I want to put in the day’s date
So clearly - I could have a =Today() but that would get evaluated every time the page was viewed
I want the function to get run just once, when the template is copied over and then the output to be “serialized” - meaning I dont want that date to be a call to =Today(), I just want it to be the date that was captured at copy
Is this possible or is it something that would make sense to add


Hi Amritansh!

We don’t have template sections yet (although this is a great feature request).

As a workaround, you could use a table to hold meeting notes and:
a) Configure it to use the detail view
b) Set up your date column so that the default value is today(). That way when you create a new row, the date is set by default to today() but you can always override it.

Example Content (Doc, Gif of how to add new entry)



Cool! - So can I embed a view inside a “cell”? I guess I should go try it :slight_smile: