Search a section in a folder?

Is there anyway to search a section in a designated folder?

I have a folder called All Projects, and within it there are over 20 different sections . Each one represents an address.

Is there anyway on my main page, to search into the sections of the folder. Hope this makes sense.

I don’t believe there is,

Just a thought, but is there a reason why there can’t be a table “All Projects” which has a list of projects and addresses?

And then a list of whatever you have going on at these projects, which can be filtered by the project?

thanks for the response Joshua. Most of my to-do lists are edited in the field, as I am in the construction industry. If i had one table, I would have to constantly be filtering, and it is rather difficult if not impossible to filter from an I-pad or I phone.


I am kind of a newbie…but I am interested in finding a way to search just a folder, not everything in the document.
Would there be any way to hack the @BenLee #Search with Regex tool to do this?

I tried to figure it out how to hack it on my own without success.


You’ve been here 2 years Gregg, you’re not a newbie! :smile:

Currently, section text isn’t accessible via formula and sections themselves aren’t either. The only workaround I can think of is if what you were searching was in tables, then you could write a formula specifically for the tables in that folder. It would be a hardcoded solution, but I’m not sure of another way at the moment.

Well…I am a newbie in terms of my development of skills!

FWIW, I am working with lecture notes…and after the classes I want to go back and read all my notes on topic XYZ, and over time I have started writing my notes into a two-column table in Google Docs so every topic is in it’s own row…after each class, I have been copy-pasting the new lecture notes from Google Docs into a new section in Coda.

In your scenario with tables, would I write my notes into a table that basically functions like my two-column table in Google Docs?

And if I go that route, is there a way to convert my existing notes that I’ve already copy-pasted into Coda from Google Docs into tables in Coda or would I do that manually?

Can I suggest another way to do this…and ask for a little help if you agree it’s viable?

I have just been playing around, and a great way to do the kind of searching I am looking for is to go into a section and filter for the search term I want…that now shows me just the rows with the search term and then I open search in my browser and search for the term and it highlights every occurrence. This is awesome!

Where I need a little help is to figure out how to do the search across all sections in the folder. I know I could make a master section in each folder and dump each set of notes there…but I am wondering if there is a simpler or more elegant or more automated approach to accomplishing my goal?

Many many thanks!