"Search" unfortunately reveals all "hidden" pages, all hidden data

I read Ayuba’s post and was very excited but then realised that we will probably still have these same gaps even after step 4. Search and the bloody link to source table will be there and they will allow opening the content which is hidden. At least this is what stage 2 inclines.

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I think the problem is hopeless if users here have been waiting for this for many years…

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you are right @Stefan_Stoyanov ,
I don’t doubt the good intentions of @Piet_Strydom , but the @Ayuba_Audu input does not solve the transparancy issue on doc level at all.

  • cross docs remain cross docs, but will have 2WS in stage 4 also for people not part of the source doc. You can use the cross doc tables in your architecture, but you are subject to the CD restrictions
  • the sync page stage 4 will work wonderful, but you write directly in the source doc, all notifications etc take place in the source doc. You cannot relate tables to tables living on sync pages because they remain living in the source doc.

There are use cases for both (CD & SP), These stepping stones can make collaboration easier, but they don’t solve the fundamental inconsistencies we have today in our docs. Coda is free to design the docs according their liking, but a coherent approach would benefit Coda and her clients.

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There are two aspects to this topic. One is the OP, concerning the search functionality specifically. In my mind, it looks like this has somewhat been solved already.

In the image below, the Food Nutrition and Recipes doc and page, and its related sub-pages, are from a main doc called Rambling Pete’ ITE 2.0. The term that I searched for, “Coda”, occurs very often in the Source Doc (ITE 2.0). No references are shown. It is only if the person clicks on the “All docs” button, that Coda will show other references.

The second topic relates to the concept of being able to “drill back” from the shared doc or pages, back to the source doc.
For this we will need to see what is delivered, but the language seems pretty clear to me that after step 4, the problem will be solved, and maybe to a large extent after step 3.



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Can someone explain me the difference between stage 3 and 4 by @Ayuba_Audu
To me it’s seems like the only difference is that on stage 3 you’ll have to create a new doc and than add a sync page to it while on the stage 4, you just share the page.
The difference would be only a little bit of extra work to set it up.
Is it right?

I very much hope so! To me it doesn’t look like this would be the case from Ayuba’s words… but I certainly hope that there will be a day when I open a row and I don’t see the light blue link on the upper left or if it’s there and I click on it, it would just show a big fat red error. Would love that :grin:


No news from coda on this issue. I don’t know what this means.
Just for the record I’ve just found what could be the announcement in 2019 of the hidden-that-do-not-hide feature.
At least it is clearly stated that hidding was not intendend as a security feature. People were already asking for better permission model. 5 years later. Just the same. Not a single word from coda. Strange.

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