Shh... don't tell but check out Coda on your phone 📱


Everyone - thanks for all of the feedback so far! Please keep sharing more.

It’s especially helpful for us to see the screenshots of how your docs and tables look - please send more as you see things that we could adjust. Feel free to post here, or send to with “Coda mobile” in the subject.

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Yay! I’m a fairly new user of Coda (just a couple of weeks). Here’s some screen shots from my Android phone.

I’m not highly techie. Is there a FAQ help on how to add an emoji in a section title? I’d like to try that feature out for the tabs on the mobile verision.


Quickest way to add Emojis everywhere

Hi @JA_Lienemann,

I usually put the emoji into the doc itself and then copy/paste it to the section title.




Thanks Rui!

It appears only some icons are being recognized so far. Notice the turd icon did not show up on my tab but the thunderbolt did translate to the tab.




I’m struggling adding the default actions to the view, can anyone give me a hint?

EDIT: I figured it out, I had assumed that you could use checkboxes natively, but you cannot, you have to create a button, now it works!



2 bugs:

1-My table (on 10/31) was correctly displaying the buttons as a swipe action, but since yesterday they are displaying as desktop buttons in columns (I sent in screenshots to the team already).

2-I am not able to customize the shortcuts. Nothing happens when I attempt to add or remove a star to any section.



Hi @Josh_Szwarga, thanks for the screenshots! We’re looking into the table you reported. Is the display column hidden? If so, currently we often show as a table instead of cards.

For #2, what platform is your phone and which browser are you using? Are you able to share a screenshot or video capture of before/after you click a star?

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#1 - Solved! Your solution was exactly what I needed.
#2 - See attached photo. Android & Chrome. It looks the same before/after, as if it’s not responding.



Hi! I downloaded the app, with TestFlight on iOS, but I was not able to login. When I sign in with my Google account, it just stays loading, but does not sign in.



Hi @Sebastian_Mattos, can you send a screenshot of the screen you see when you try to sign in? Are you able to log in to Coda from Safari on the same phone?



Hi! I actually deleted the app, and then tried to sign in on Safari and was not able to. First, it takes me to this screen, and when I sign in with my account, it brings me back to this screen.
I am able yo sign in on Chrome though.



Hello Users,

We have recently released another building block Layouts and have made layouts ‘mobile friendly’, If you happen to use layouts on phone and see issues (or just have general feedback), we would love to hear from you - side-by-side screenshots of your doc on desktop and on mobile would be super helpful.

Here’s a preview of how one of our doc with layouts look on phone.

On Desktop:

On Phone:

Thank you,
Engineer @coda.



Does anyone using mobile thinks it’s slow?
I often have freezing pages and need to reload in order to use it.



Just wondering when we will be able to edit on a mobile device? You tempted us with a better layout on a mobile device, but it is useless for us unless we can edit our data. I have been waiting and waiting to implement a coda doc, but until we can edit on mobile I can’t move forward. I keeping telling those I work with that hopefully soon we can start using this, but I would like to be able to give a better answer than someday soon. I have been telling them this for months now. This is an awesome product and can’t wait to use it for multiple products.



we hear you @Jennifer_Biggs - and we are working hard to bring it to you as quickly as possible. Its not that far now :slight_smile: definitely nowhere close to how long you have been waiting. stay tuned.



Just installed the new update, it didn’t work previously for me but sliders are working well now, nice and smooth and easy to pick up with your thumb, they seem to be quite smooth driving formulas and fields, was all pretty much happening in real time as you move the slider.
Have been playing with the NBA pack and it is even opening the pop up previews of the players.
Also seems to be a significant improvement in stability. This morning I have switched up docs added rows and comments, signed in, out and have not had a single crash yet.
I know the full editing capabilities are probs a way off, but one thing that could help out a lot would be to just add the undo button.
The only thing I was able to find that was odd, was the below scenario.
• I have a subtask table within a master table.
• I have a few views of the master table.
• If I am in a view of the master table, I click a subtask to go into the expanded row view. When I am finished and hit the back button. It takes me right back to the base master table, not the previous view I was in.

All in all amazing work so far.

using iphone xs max with ios 12.1 and the testfilght app.

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Hi all,
Many of you have been eagerly awaiting text editing support on mobile. We’re glad to share that’s now here!

We hope this opens up many more use cases for you and your team. Check it out on your phone and share any feedback and bugs with us. We want your help to make sure we get the details right.




=Repeat("Yes! ", 100)



Sooooo gooood.

Works perfectly for me, was super fast, I was typing on my phone (outside a table) and was pretty much appearing on my laptop in real time. Entering text in tables would update when you hit done and hid the keyboard.

The only thing I noticed was that the button to colour text was absent, don’t really care about that though, just happy to put in text on the mobile.

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Work is done! Now text editing works. WOW I really like it. big thumbs up!!! :clap::clap::+1: