Shift-Click to select multiple rows in a column is not working

Clicking a row, then holding shift and clicking a row below, used to, but doesn’t currently, select all the rows from the first to the last clicked.

Holding shift and mousing down doesn’t select them either.

In this example I’m trying to shift click with no results. I also hold shift and press down and you’ll see the formatting bar reveals, but it doesn’t increase the selection downward.

I’ve tried in Chrome and Safari.

Screen Cast 2022-12-09 at 12.56.53 PM

Same here!
I’ve noticed the bug after the recent update.

for what it’s worth, I can’t currently replicate this on MacOS Chrome

For me on Windows Chrome it’s tables inside a row canvas that are a bit weird.

One column has the highlighting misaligned but the other is fine:

Are you inside a row canvas @Johg_Ananda?