Slack Bot integration


It would be great to be able to “automate” interactions with slack bot, specially, the part of receiving events.

Check here to see Slacks API.

Here is a use case:

You want to create a standup for your team, and you want to automate a bot in slack that asks 5 people the following questions every day at 8am EST:

1- What did you do on your last working day?
2- What do you plan on doing today?
3- Any bottlenecks?

Then you want get responses from participants into Coda.

To get this done, the bot (via a coda integration) will ask question 1, wait for the response, and store it in coda. Then ask question 2, wait for the response, store it in coda. Same for question 3.

So ideally, you’d be able to do what does within coda :slight_smile:



There is now Integromat Coda integration. I am pretty sure it can do stuff like this.